scorpio rising, trigger warning, lovespells & hexes, anxiety attacks, unsane gaze, low-key hysteria, dirtstyle, creeper blues, hypomania, dysphoria, borderline sexy femme fatale, cult life, burning yarrow, lost love, doom, mood swings, emotional excess, stick n poke, broken time, interiors, night terrors, emotional labor, feral hymns, surreality, dead eyes, sleep paralysis, undereye circles, how dead do ur eyes have to be for someone to know that’s ur no, resistance, self-location, ghosts, ghost bitch, insomnia, deep cutz, conjuring, invocation, ritual life, complex grief, crying on the bus, hyper-vigilance, high-pressure, high-strung, bad rap, feeling up the cracks, sliding through the holes in your logic, ruff boys & bad motherfuckers, death.

labor in the service of light,

to map a way through and toward a new cosmology,

My tropes crave the conflict & own the destruction.