Drawings & text laser-etched on glass; light
2016 / work in progress
Dimensions variable

Inspired by subway billboards (observed at Westlake Station in Seattle) that advertise wedding rings. The ads are targeted toward men but feature feminine cliches as taglines: statements that represent and objectify female desire. Riffing on phrases such as ‘the luckiest girl’ and ‘remember the moment forever began’, I also incorporate text and drawings from my own diary entries in the compositions, co-mingling with cultural memes.

The glass panels interact with light to reveal their fine laser traces. I don’t outsource these works during process of fabrication, but operate a laser cutter myself.

I Think I'm Coming Down

I Think I’m Coming Down

When It’s Over It’s Over

i love you more motherfucker

I Love You More, Motherfucker

All She Wants To Do Is Party With Her Pretty Baby